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Squirrl in a trapProviding Dayton, OH and the greater Miami Valley Region with professional wildlife control for both residential and commercial customers. We offer custom wildlife removal whether you have squirrels or birds in your attic or a raccoon knocking over your trash cans. With the assistance of our live trapping devices, we will come to your property, survey the area in which the animal has setup its habitat, set our live trap and safely remove the animal from your property. We use live traps in every situation and we do not believe in harming or inducing any added stress to the animals while we remove them from your property.

In addition to wildlife removal we can inspect the area and provide recommendations and make referrals to professionals in that field for exclusion work. We can perform a full building inspection, do the repairs and we also offer attic decontamination if necessary. Squirrels and other rodents love to live in attics, and can chew wires or leave droppings. In fact Ohio wildlife frequently enters homes in and around the Dayton area, and correct wildlife removal is not a simple task to be left to the homeowner.

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